Dear Brewer Yacht Sales / Jackie Joslyn, I just wanted to let you know about the terrific customer experience I just had with your Portsmouth RI office broker, Alexander Hall. The start of my boat purchase experience back in Sep 2016 was kind of frustrating, because despite assurances from the broker who handled the transaction (since retired) the seller never followed through on the assurance that repairs would be made to address water in engine compartment. I’ll spare you the details but the situation dragged on and I finally brought the issue up with Alex Hall who seemed to have taken the place of the original broker who had since retired. Alex went ahead and made inquiries with both the original broker and with the Brewer Sakonnet Yard that had replaced the impeller and concluded that the matter was resolved. He then did a very tactful job of delivering the first broker’s response, which was that too much time had elapsed for them to do address the issue. This was obviously very frustrating news for me. There were a number of different issues that came up in the survey and the water issue was the only thing I’d asked to have remedied as a provision before finalizing the transaction. I was actually considering legal action, but Alex delivered the other broker’s response to me with a measure of genuine concern for my fair treatment and asked a number of questions about the boat which helped diffuse the situation a bit. After learning that the boat was there on premises, he then offered to come and take a look at it. Alex ended up visiting the boat on three separate occasions and was a great source of help and information on a number of different subjects. He not only gave me ideas for identifying and then remedying the leak, he also answered questions about charging of batteries, operation of the head and other issues with the GPS system. I ended up fixing the leak myself, but the help that Alex gave on these different subjects went a long way to making me feel better about the transaction handled by another colleague. We’re about to leave Brewer Sakonnet and head back to MA, so I stopped by to see Alex yesterday, to offer my thanks and let him know that I wanted to write you folks at the headquarters office. Most people don’t take the time to listen and try to help you out but that’s precisely the way to build trust, strengthen customer relationships and build your business. Alex knows that and he managed to turn the situation around entirely. I just wanted to let you know of my experience. I’d be very happy to do business with Alex – or with Brewer Yacht Sales – and would recommend his/your services to anyone looking to buy or sell a boat. Thanks for listening. Best Regards, Sam Ward