I couldn’t let a day go by without mentioning my recent interaction with Nicholas Rago. I started bugging him last month about a boat he was selling and he was always quick to reply. I loved the boat pictures I saw online but didn’t feel quite comfortable driving 4 hours to see a boat that I just may not like in person. I had the usual concerns….Is the boat really that clean? When were those photos taken? Do I really want to drive 4 hours to be disappointed? We all have those concerns especially now that we should be “staying home”. Nicholas suggested he do a virtual tour over Facetime. He did a great job and filmed every detail of the boat while explaining what I was looking at. My big concern was that the boat may FEEL too small for me since I am a bit claustrophobic. He went so far as to lay down on the different areas of the boat to give me a visual. It was a crazy idea and I appreciated it soooo much. I finally drove up today (8 hrs round trip) and was quite surprised that there were no surprises!!!! His virtual tour was spot on and I now realize what a wonderful idea it was. I have one or two more boats to look at but this one is at the top of my list. Nicholas is such a nice person, one of those people you feel like you have known forever. I know my husband and I will be well taken care of, if we decide to put a bid on this boat. Thanks for all your help, Nicholas. Stay safe and healthy!