Hi Hal:

My wife & I took delivery of “Yankee Girl” (Eastern 31) yesterday at Port Milford. Fred accompanied us to our home port – Essex Dauntless Shipyard. Fred made the entire transaction easy for us – he knows his stuff. He arranged both the mechanical and general surveys (he spent 6 hours with us for that) and then another 6 hours bringing the boat to Essex and making 100% sure we knew what we were doing. Plus dealing with negotiations and all the myriad details of buying the vessel. I’m a retired EVP & CTO and executive officer of 2 successful global technology companies – I know when someone has the “right stuff” – and Fred has it all:

Friendly, knowledgeable, goes the extra mile to ensure a positive buying experience. He’s a real asset to your firm. Other yacht brokers that I’ve dealt with can’t hold a candle to Fred Brown.

Thought you’d like to know.


Garry Johnson
Essex, Connecticut